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Neuropathy: 8 Warning Symptoms You Can't Afford to Ignore

By Dr. Jeremy Campbell,

Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy

Neuropathy is a term no one pays attention to until its disturbing symptoms begin to invade your daily life.

It silently creeps up on you and can gradually pick apart the very networks your body relies on for basic functions - your nervous system.

As we age, the attention we must maintain over our health becomes crucial.

That’s why I’m here to walk you through 8 neuropathy symptoms that you should never ignore, what they signify, and the potential they have to escalate into more severe conditions if left untreated.

1. Persistent Tingling or Numbness

This is more than just a foot falling asleep.

Persistent tingling or numbness in your extremities is a signal of nerve damage that could be progressive.

Left unchecked, it may lead to complete loss of sensation, increasing the risk of injury or infection due to a lack of protective reflexes.

2. Chronic Burning or Freezing Pain

When searing pain or an inexplicable chill courses through your limbs without any external cause, it's a symptom that the sensory nerves are under assault.

This kind of pain can disrupt sleep, diminish quality of life, and if it becomes chronic, lead to mental health concerns like depression or anxiety.

3. Heightened Sensitivity to Touch

If your clothes feel like sandpaper rubbing against your skin, or a gentle pat on the back feels like a thump, it's a sign that the nervous system's normal pain response is in disarray.

This hypersensitivity can confine a person, making even the lightest contact intolerable, potentially leading to social withdrawal or a fear of engaging with one's environment.

4. Muscle Weakness or Paralysis

When signals from nerves to muscles are interrupted, it manifests as muscle weakness or even paralysis.

This disruption can be a serious warning sign of muscular atrophy - the decrease in size and wasting of muscle tissue, increasing the risk of falls and impairing the ability to perform daily tasks independently.

5. Trouble with Balance and Coordination

A misstep here or a wobble there may be the first tell-tale signs that the nerves responsible for balance and coordination are deteriorating.

This symptom is particularly dangerous as it leads to an increased likelihood of falls – a major cause of injury among older adults.

6. Sharp, Jabbing, or Electric-Like Pain

Sudden, intense pains that surprise you without warning are not minor.

These electric shocks of discomfort could indicate nerve damage that, over time, may transform into a chronic pain condition, severely affecting life's enjoyment and functional ability.

7. Changes in Blood Pressure

Fluctuations in blood pressure might not be immediately noticeable until they present as lightheadedness or fainting.

These changes can be indicative of autonomic nerve damage, which regulates vital functions.

Over time, this can lead to heart rate abnormalities and digestive issues.

8. Decreased Sexual Function

Often not discussed, a decline in sexual function can signify neuropathy's impact on the autonomic nerves.

This can lead to intimacy issues, affecting personal relationships and overall well-being.


Each of these signs not only affects the present but also has the potential to escalate, complicating your health landscape over time.

Neuropathy can have multiple causes, from diabetes to vitamin deficiencies, and even idiopathic origins where the cause remains unknown.

As we confront these neuropathy symptoms, we must pay careful attention. Early intervention can often slow the progression and even restore some nerve function.

But the real tragedy lies in ignoring these symptoms, allowing them to accelerate into irreversible damage.

In my practice, I've witnessed patients who took early signs for granted, only to grapple with more severe consequences later on.

On the other hand, I've seen many who've addressed these symptoms head-on, collaborating in their health management, and have witnessed significant improvements.

Therefore, let these signs be the warning signs for a call for action.