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Nooro Knee Massager - Knee Pain Relief Device (gec)

Premium Knee Massager - Lasting Knee Pain Relief In Just 15 Minutes Per Day

  •  12.500+ Customer Reviews


Struggling with knee pain or osteoarthritis? 

Nooro 3-in-1 Knee Massager combines Red Light Therapy, Heat Therapy, and Massage Therapy to create temporary relief of minor joint aches, pain, and stiffness.

Knee Relieving Benefits:

✨ Naturally eliminate knee pain (no harsh pain killers)

🩸 Adjustable heating & massage levels (customisable for any level of pain)

⚡️ Your own in-home physical therapist (money back in your pocket)

💚 USB rechargeable (for on-demand pain relief)

"I’ve been so happy with my knee massager and surprised to find that it really does help my knee! I use it right before I go for a walk and have no pain! Amazing! It’s easy to use too!" 

Pat K.     Verified Buyer

Real Satisfied Customers

  • 4.9/5 based on 12,000+ purchases

Discover a Faster, More Effective Way to Treat Knee Pain

If you’re struggling with knee pain, and have tried other alternatives, this may be the most important page you read.

Chances are, you’ve tried everything to manage your pain: icing your knees, stretching, harmful pain killers, overpriced physical therapy, maybe even invasive and risky surgery.

Unfortunately, none of those “solutions” have offered the expected results. And you’re left frustrated and seemingly out of options.

You begin to blame yourself. Your mood drops and friends and loved ones begin seeing real hopelessness in your eyes. But let us tell you something, you are not to blame!

These common alternatives target the symptoms of knee problems, and can even temporarily mask the pain… But long-term do more damage than good. You need a solution that targets the root cause of knee pain and you’re in the right place.

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Get Knee Pain Relief With The Nooro Knee Massager

After 17 months of prototypes and over $180,000 in laboratory testing, we created the Nooro Knee Massager.

It’s the only knee device on the market to use the breakthrough combination of: soft massage air bags, heat therapy and red light therapy.

Targeting all three elements of knee pain was the secret sauce that has resulted in thousands of customers experiencing pain relief.

It’s incredibly simple to set upand use right out of the box and delivers relief from knee pain in just 10 minutes of use per day.

You can finally get back to living again.

How Does It Work? 

Soft massage air bags fully wrap around your knee, providing a massaging effect on sore and tired joints.

At the same time, the red-light therapy targets damaged joints, and helps to reduce inflammation on ligaments and tendons within the knee.

The fully adjustable heat therapy promotes nutrient rich blood-flow to the knee joint, helping to lubricate the knee while triggering the body’s self-healing mechanism.

This breakthrough combination results in instant relief from knee pain, osteoarthritis and joint issues.

With consistent use, damage is reversed, providing long-lasting relief from knee pain.

 Amazing Benefits

  • Relief from knee pain, osteoarthritis, bursitis, meniscus & tendonitis issues.

  • Perfect for post-surgery recovery

  • Reverses damage in the knee joint 

  • Warms up & lubricates the joint for a pain-free day.

  • Amazing for athletic recovery 

  • Helps you get back to hiking, cycling and jogging pain-free

  • ​Increases mood

  • Helps to avoid risky and dangerous surgery

  • ​Can be used on the elbow and shoulder joint. 

  • Saves time & money on inferior alternatives. 

  • Completely adjustable heat & massage 

Knee Saving Features

Completely Adjustable Heat & Massage:

We equipped the Nooro Knee Massager with a simple to use control panel that allows you to personalise your treatment by adjusting the heat and massage.

Red Light Therapy:

Red light therapy produces a biochemical effect in cells that strengthen the mitochondria. These are the “powerhouse” of the cell – so by increasing the function of it, cells can rejuvenate themselves and repair damage more effectively.

USB Rechargeable Battery:

On demand pain relief whenever you need it – at work, at home, in the gym or before exercise.

Incredibly Versatile:

Can be wrapped around the knee, shoulder or elbow joint for pain relief in multiple areas. Replace 3-4 devices with one device that treats it all.

Who Is It For?

Nooro Knee Massager is the perfect device for:

  • Osteoarthritis pain & discomfort

  • Post-surgery recovery

  • Meniscus & tendon issues

  • Runners, basketballers or athletes with knee pain

If you know someone else suffering from knee pain, it also makes the perfect gift! 

A Fantastic Quality Of Life Awaits:

Rather than tell you what life could be like with our knee massager, read this email from one of our customer’s, Cathy:

“Even my husband is noticing. Not only did he say my mood and energy has increased but we now enjoy regular weekend hiking and biking trips together.

Especially when hiking, I have been experiencing mobility that I could only imagine feeling in my college days and the Nooro Knee Massager is to thank for that.

On top of it, you would be surprised about how feeling secure about your knees and in a positive mood really helps your marriage! Even my kids are always asking "how does mom have so much energy?" I truly love the person I am becoming for myself and my family!”

If you are looking to get some help with your stubborn pains - I would say without a doubt this is the best way to help you achieve it.

How To Use


STEP ONE:  Fasten the Nooro Knee Massager on your knee


STEP TWO:  Long press power button to enter auto mode


STEP THREE:  Short press to select mode and intensity 

What Our Customers Have To Say About Nooro Knee Massager


"My dad has serious knee problems from football injuries in college. This knee massager has done wonders for him, he loves the product and he's hard to please. I 100% recommend!"


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What Our Customers Have To Say About Nooro Knee Massager


"My dad has serious knee problems from football injuries in college. This knee massager has done wonders for him, he loves the product and he's hard to please. I 100% recommend!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I expect?

Relief from pain and discomfort. Warming up of the knee before the day or soothing the knee to allow a restful sleep. And enhanced recovery after exercise.

Returns and Refunds Requests:

Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident in our products, backed by a 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you find yourself not fully satisfied, we will initiate a refund for the entire amount you paid.

For returns, please email us at support@nooro-us.com

Can the device overheat?

No – we have designed our device with an overheating protection mechanism that ensures a constant delivery of soothing heat, without risk of overheating. 

What does the device treat?

Our device has been created for knee pain, post-surgery recovery, athletic recovery and warm-up, osteoarthritis, bursitis, meniscus & tendonitis issues. It can also be used on the shoulder joint or elbow. 

Can I use this for athletic recovery?

Yes – originally designed with osteoarthritis in mind, Nooro Knee Massager has been an absolute hit with runners, basketballers and other athletes for its ability to enhance athletic recovery. 

What is the shipping cost and delivery time?

We offer free USA and International Shipping with tracking. There is NO shipping cost. We are shipping 24/7 from our warehouse to keep up with the demand.

Please allow 7-10 business days for USA shipping with USPS. We ship ALL orders from our warehouse to over 180+ countries.

International shipping may take 15-20 business days, and we use YUN express as our shipping provider for orders outside of the United States.

What payment methods are available?

We accept Paypal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JBC, Discover, Diners Club.

How can I track the status of my order?

After we have shipped your order, an email update will be sent titled "A shipment from order #******* is on the way". You will find your tracking number and information inside this email.

With the tracking number you can track your order on the tracking page we will give to you.

Product Information

Current and Power Supply: Input current: 5V2A Power supply: 110V-220V | Rated Voltage 3.7V | Input 5V-2A, Power 10W

Product Dimension (inches): 5.90 x 7.87 x 6.30

Weight (lbs): 1.43

Product + Packaging weight (lbs): 2.11

Package includes: 

1 x Nooro Knee Massager

1 x charger

1 x charging cable

manuals and habit tracker with stickers 

Safe storage advisory: 

Keep the instrument out of the reach of children, away from humidity, high temperature, direct sunlight and water splashes. Store in a dry, cool and ventilated environment, to avoid temperature changes or high temperature.

Keep away from heat, avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Warnings: This product has a heating function. Please adjust to a suitable temperature. May cause mild burns with prolonged, unnecessary use. Read the manual first before use.

California Proposition 65

For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


- Batteries Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LiCoO2), PVDF, Aluminum, Graphite, SBR, Copper, Nickel, Lithium Hexaflourophosphate, Polyethlene, Nylon, Carboxymethylcellulose

- Others non-woven fabrics, hot melt adhesive, covering paper, polymer absorbent material, fluff pulp, PE film

Country of Manufacturer: China

FDA Listing Number: D494025

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