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I Never EVER Thought I’d Be Able To Say “ACL Tears” And “Pain Free” In The Same Sentence (Until I Found This)...

If your life has been taken over by ACL or meniscus tears, I’m about to just flat make your whole day…

By S.T. Martin - Health Writer | Oct 21, 2022 | 11:11 am EDT

Ok, let’s see if any of this is relatable…

Constant stumbling and fear of falling.

Standing up and not being entirely sure you’ll be able to STAY standing up.

Feeling frustrated, or down, especially when you can’t walk the miles, lift weight, or do cardio exercises as you grow older…

What’s more:

Complaining to the doctor about the pain and having them basically throw up their hands because there's little they can do.

Seeing your knee swell up so much, you didn't even think it was possible for your knee to be THAT big…

And a walk with your dog?? Not a chance.

The best part, constantly reading food labels, and trying to control things with diet alone... (WAY easier said than done).

If any of the above points look familiar, You have my most sincere condolences, my friend, I was sitting EXACTLY where you are right now, and it’s no fun...

Not even a tiny little bit…

But take heart, because things are about to get a LOT better for you, same as they did for me.. :-)

See, ACL injury pain can bring any number of harmful effects to bear on a person’s body.

  • The need to take harmful drugs

  • Not being able to feel or move your knee

  • Doing less of the things you like

  • ​​Not being able to live your best life

Sure, equipment, like compression wraps, can help relieve SOME of the swelling and increase blood flow. But unfortunately, their support is SUPER limited. They just barely reach the surface layer of your knee muscles,

While most ligament tears, the ones causing the majority of your pain...

Are found further down in your knee cap where these devices have ZERO chance of reaching.

Good News Though…

You now have access to a breakthrough device that reaches those deep tissues and treats your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears directly at the source!

Dr.HealthyKnee™ uses a revolutionary pairing of modern Infrared therapy, and German technology to make your knees feel SO good!

It creates a high-intensity, pulsing vibration that penetrates DEEP into your knee muscles, targets key ligament tears, and alleviates pain, stiffness, and swelling at its source.

You’ll get a unique combination of deep massage treatment and infrared heating that can help alleviate and prevent cramps, muscle tension, and soreness of your knee.

Your new Dr.HealthyKnee™ massager comes with a total of TWO unique modes, and THREE levels of adjustable intensity. This means that, no matter what, Your new Dr.HealthyKnee™ will be there to do the exact right job, in the exact right way when it comes to taming those aching knees!

Whether your pain is triggered by an ACL injury, a disorder like osteoarthritis, or meniscal tear, or hundreds of other causes, You’ll be wondering why you didn’t get this solution to your ACL pain even sooner!

Darryl Cochrane, PhD

"Only 10 sessions of vibration therapy can bring about improvement in functionality of Knee Osteoarthritis patients"

Dr.HealthyKnee™ is Easy and Convenient to Use:

It is equipped with a large LED display with only 3 operation buttons, rechargeable and wire-free, with adjustable velcro which makes it easy to use with any knee size.

1. Smart Technology

1. Smart Technology

Only 3 operation buttons and large LED touch panel, makes it easy to use, especially for elderly. 

Rechargeable and wire-free does not limit you when and where you can get the relief you need.

2. Use it at Home

2. Use it at Home

When watching TV, reading a book or relaxing in your favorite armchair.

Dr.HealthyKnee ™ is your personal physical therapist you can use in the comfort of your home while doing what you love.

3. Use it at Work

3. Use it at Work

Take it at work and massage your knees while working.

Dr.HealthyKnee ™ saves you not only a ton of money, but a ton of time as well.

4. Easy To Carry

4. Easy To Carry

Dr.HealthyKnee™ was designed for portability, so you can take it anywhere and use it anytime. 

Imagine performing a deep-tissue massage on your knees - whenever you want!


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Remember: The Benefits of Dr.HealthyKnee™ Go WAY Beyond Relieving JUST ACL Injury, And The Pain That Comes With It!

Dr.HealthyKnee™ is more than just an effective knee pain relief tool. It also helps to deal with painful knee inflammation, it can adjust the calf muscles and add welcome definition to your calves.

It also promotes healthy blood circulation in your knee as well as improves your sleep.

It can also be an effective treatment against stress, headache, and anxiety. Much like a massage can help you to relax after a hard day of work, the regular use of Dr.HealthyKnee™ can help calm your nerves and relieve both knee and mental tension.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. If you are experiencing an ACL injury, swollen knee, stiffness or soreness in your tendons, Dr.HealthyKnee™can help! Whether you’re struggling with this chronic condition, trying to get more out of your runs, or just looking for relief from everyday aches and pains, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

“Dr.HealthyKnee™ treats soreness, swelling, and pain FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVELY than other solutions, offering soothing relief and comfort to your knees and joints”

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If you’re anything like me, Dr.HealthyKnee™ may well be the BEST investment you’ll ever make! Get yours today and say GOODBYE to a sore, stiff, swollen knee!

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Here's a valuable tip: Dr.HealthyKnee™ is a great gift for someone suffering from ACL injury, osteoarthritis, or chronic knee pain. 


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  • Naturally eliminate knee pain

  • Adjustable heating & massage levels

  • Your own in-home physical therapist

  • USB rechargeable

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