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ATTENTION: Americans With Neuropathy, Foot Pain, Or Plantar Fasciitis

Stiff, Achy, Swollen Feet? This Miracle Massager Delivers Fast, Soothing, Lasting Relief For Tender Tootsies In 3 Mins Or Less… Guaranteed!

🎶“Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride” 🏃💨

3 Min Read - Reviewed By Dr. ‘Swift’ Johansen

Raymond is a retired doctor and active senior who loves golfing, mountain biking, and paddle boarding. He’s been reviewing health products for the last 12 years.

As a former college tennis athlete… and Emergency Room Doctor, I used to be really quick on my feet. 

Whether I was chasing down lob shots, smashing serves… or darting from patient to patient in the ER…  

You could count on ‘Dr. Swift’ to kick butt, take names, and save the day.

That is until shooting pain & numbness in my feet turned code-blue sprints into a slow motion shuffle down hospital hallways.

It got so bad, one of my closest colleagues pulled me aside and asked me if I’d been day drinking!

Who could blame him? 

In a matter of days, my sure-footed stride was replaced by wobbly, tentative steps almost everywhere I went.

My feet were so numb, it felt like I was walking around with three pairs of thick socks on. 

I tried to ignore it, until the sharp, stabbing, burning pain in my arches, tendons, and toes… 

Made me scratch hiking, golfing, and playing soccer with the grandkids off the list.

Raise Your Hand If This Sounds Like You

Hands up if you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms:

Tender, inflamed, swollen ankles…

Stiff or sore foot arches & tendons…

Pins & needles tingling sensations…

Inability to feel pain, temperature & touch…

Muscle twitches & leg cramps…

Now keep your hand up if ANY of these crippling symptoms have made you look, walk, (and feel) years older than your actual age.

If you’re like me, you already know the hot-faced shame of shouting “wait for me!” during family activities. 

And you’re probably sick of sitting on the sidelines, hobbled by foot pain, watching life pass you by.

So Where Does Foot Pain Start?

Foot pain, swelling, and numbness can be caused by a surprising variety of conditions:

Diabetes, shingles, plantar fasciitis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism…

Sports injuries, breaks/sprains…

Chemotherapy treatments, & inflammation…

But you don’t need a doctor like me to tell you how awful it feels when ‘bad feet’ keep your butt glued to the bench. 

“So How Do I Stop Foot Pain… For Good?”

Great question. Look, I’m going to get some grief from the mainstream medical ‘establishment’ for saying this…

But 99% of the so-called “cutting edge” medical interventions for foot pain on the market…

…actually make things worse!

That’s why, as a physician & family man, I ethically refuse to recommend:

Repeat visits to pill-pushing docs 

The ones who scratch out prescriptions for meds that merely mask foot pain and fail to get the source of the problem.

Lingerie-like compression stockings. 

Sure, they may improve circulation, but you can’t leave home with them on. Unless you enjoy getting laughed at by your golf buddies when you step up to tee!

Massage ‘guns’ and foam rollers. 

These fads and gadgets promise relief, but the massage only goes skin deep. 

“If Only There Was A Faster, Gentler, Safer Way To Treat Foot Pain…”

Fortunately, there is. 

Because I just discovered a revolutionary NEW technology that promises to hit mute on foot pain & heal your tender tootsies from the inside out. 

And get this… it promises to deliver this soothing pain relief in 3 minutes or less. 

Now that’s a BIG claim… and if you’ve read this column before, you know I don’t hand out 5 star reviews like candy. 

Curious if this promising technology really lives up to the hype? Then by all means, keep reading.


Simply step onto NOORO Foot Massager - like a scale - and within seconds you’ll feel the stiffness, soreness, swelling (and stress of the day) fade away.

NOORO Foot Massager’s calibrated electromagnetic massage mat delivers micro-pulses that promote rapid relaxation.

Here’s how it works.

The electronic mediated massage promotes circulation, and loosens tight muscles, ligaments and joints.

It also quietens pain signaling pathways by stimulating various acupuncture points on your feet.

The result? Blood flow increases and circulation improves. 

The familiar tingling, numbness, and swelling that used to slow you down… melts away. 

And the agility, flexibility, and balance you need to move confidently through your day is back again. 

8 Massage Modes | 19 Levels | Total Control

The 8 different deep massage modes and 19 levels of adjustable intensity gives you total control of your therapy.

So whether you have sore calf muscles and stiff ankles after a bike ride… or your “dogs” are barking after hours of bargain hunting…

Foot pain relief is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Foot pain relief is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step onto NOORO Foot Massager

Pick the massage mode (choose from massage, kneading, cupping, acupuncture, and 4 more modes)

Adjust the intensity level and in as little as 3 minutes the relief your feet have been aching for is yours.

Thanks to its compact, ultra-portable, and stylish design you get ‘anytime, anywhere’ soothing massage wherever life takes you.

Don’t take my word for it, watch it in action yourself:

5 More Reasons NOORO Foot Massager Is Flying Off The Shelves

Here’s 5 other surprising ways NOORO Foot Massager can put the bounce back in your step:

  • NOORO is 5X faster than stretching. Use it to warm your body up before you head out on hikes.

  • NOORO saves you time & money. Why hire a pricey personal trainer when this foot Massager helps your muscles recover, cool down and repair themselves after an intense workout.

  • NOORO goes deep. It delivers deep tissue massage that improves circulation (without the horror of getting body-slammed by a masseuse named Olga).

No wonder why so many people of all ages are filling their carts with this genius device!

NOORO Foot Massager Is For You If You Want:

  • A fully featured “quad to toe” massage experience for warm ups and cool downs… so you can stay limber & avoid injury while you exercise…

  • A durable device with long battery life that delivers deep, healing, penetrating massage… wherever you go...

  • A lightweight & stylish design that’s easy on the eyes & intuitive to use. No complicated apps required…

  • A value-priced massager that’s 10X quieter than massage guns. Step on the mat. Sip on a latte, and phone a friend- interruption free.

  • A massage that delivers powerful performance and unmatched durability.

The Bottom Line:

Raymond’s Rating:: 4.8 Stars

NOORO Foot Massager strikes a perfect balance between power, portability, versatility, and value.

With sleek, modern looks and an ultra-quiet operation, you’ll be proud to pull this out in public… for a pre-workout warmup or post-workout recovery.

After less than a month of using NOORO, I bounced back to my usual self. I’m back to playing with the grandkids and tearing up the trails on my mountain bike.

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 full stars is because when I pulled it out to soothe my feet after a marathon tennis match…

7 people came up to me and asked if they could step on it! Ummm…. yeah, not gonna happen.

Maybe the folks at NOORO make the design slightly less attractive?!!?

The best part? NOORO Foot Massager is easy on the eyes AND the pocket book.

And you know what that means: inventory is moving fast.

A company insider tells me there's a severe shortage of NOORO Foot Massager now that the word is out.

Luckily, he's tracked down a few extra boxes.

FAIR WARNING: This is a time-sensitive opportunity.

Now I've been a reviewer for years, and I can tell you it's extremely unusual for info like this to leak...

And I don't expect to get a scoop like this ever again.

So if you do want in? All you need to do is click this link to see if the stock is still available.

P.S. If foot pain “runs in the family”? 

I personally recommend adding 2 or more to your order (while they last). They make an awesome gift.

3 Min Read - Reviewed By Dr. ‘Swift’ Johansen

Raymond is a retired doctor and active senior who loves golfing, mountain biking, and paddle boarding. He’s been reviewing health products for the last 12 years.


4.8 | 1,897 Reviews


  • Naturally eliminate foot pain (no harsh pain killers)

  • Extremely effective for high blood pressure

  • Relieves pain inflammation

  • Eliminates foot pain at the source!

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